Monday, April 12, 2010

Food Journal 1

Ok, this is my first food journal and in all actuality, the first time I have recorded what I eat.

Since it's only 6:40 in the morning here in Kalamazoo, I am only going to record my breakfast at the moment. More to come later I'm sure.

Breakfast - red beans and rice (1 cup)
                - two tortillas, warmed
                - coffee with honey and fat free creamer (1 cup, 1 tbs, 2 tsp)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Summer Projects Galore!

   Today was Craft Sunday which is when a few of my work friends and I get together to watch movies, eat good stuff and work on projects. Most of the crafting is crochet and knitting simply because it's so portable. Next week I might bring some felt so I can make a necklace or two.  

Summer is coming up quickly enough and I am in dire need of warm weather clothes and accessories. I am a total hat person and I love making/wearing new ones. However, I have thick hair and wearing hats in the summer with my mop is just asking for a sweaty face.  So I have been searching for breathable hats in cotton, bamboo and light crochet thread. Time to put away that wool and acrylic! ( Actually, I will be making my winter and fall items in my summer downtime, if I have any!) I will be moving in with my boyfriend in August, so I want to use up a ton of my craft supplies, yarn and fabric before I have to start packing. Less is more, Jennifer!

I started making a beret from some white bedspread weight size 10 crochet thread. I kind of love it, but it's taking forever. I'm not used to using something so delicate. 
                                                              I also have been slowly working on a crocheted waistcoat/bolero that I found online. Garn Studio Visoppskrift Waistcoat   I'm using Caron Pound of Love in Sunflower. I know,  I know. It's a worsted weight and it will be a bit warm, but I figure that I can wear it will a tang top or a dress like in the photo. In the fall I can wear it with a t-shirt. I kind of love the crap out of it.

Dinah (aka Cheemers) has decided that I have done enough crafting and typing today and that I must play with her. Time for the laser pointer!  Hasta amigos!


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